Animal Talk

A huge thank you goes out to Mr Denness for giving up his entire morning to deliver a super talk about the different animals he and his family keep as pets.  The children were able to touch snakes, lizards and different beetles.  The whole experience was wonderful and the knowledge that Mr Denness has about each of the species is truly amazing!

Winners of the Picture Book Competition

After hours of deliberation, Miss Gelder and I have selected the winners of the Picture Book Competition. The winners will receive a book of their choice from the upcoming book fair. Thank you to everyone who entered, it has been a pleasure reading all of your books.

The winners are…

Year 1 – Renee S. (“Johnny and the T.Rex”)
Year 2 – Eva W. (“Poppy’s Perfect Pattern”)
Year 3 – Milo H.R. (“Spotty Cow”)
Year 4 – George B. and Holly P. (“The Monster” , “The Story of the Sea”)
Year 5 – Ella M. (“Rock Hard”)
Year 6 – Amy H. (“Maul Changes”)

Children in Need – Dance Dash!

Headcorn raised £227 for Children in Need. Thank you for your donations.


We have all been working very hard to learn the letter sounds a, m, s, d, p, t, i, n, g and o and are beginning to be able to read and write words independently.  Just look at the super writing that we saw going on outside in our learning environment!

Retrieving Numbers

Leopard and Cheetah class love to build obstacle courses, so we decided to make a large obstacle course where children had to make their way to the end to retrieve a given number.  They were very good at negotiating spaces, taking turns and balancing on ramps.


Celebrating Halloween

To celebrate Halloween, we all enjoyed carving a pumpkin.  The children used a range of tools safely to cut into the pumpkin and scoop out all the flesh and seeds.  We then used a carving tool to make a face.  We all really enjoyed listening to the spooky Halloween story of ‘Splat the Cat’ with our pumpkin glowing in the dark classroom!  We then painted our own pictures of pumpkins which, as you can see, are rather life like!

Child Initiated Learning

We love sharing stories. . .

We love building with bricks. . .

We made a giant marble run. . .

We made pirate hats and mermaid crowns. . .

We made alligator puppets. . .

We were hunting for alligators. . .

We love using our imaginations. . .

Welcome Leopards and Cheetahs!!!!

The children have all settled into school life extremely well.  We are learning to be independent in our play, share with friends and take turns when playing games.

I can choose a story book for home.

I love being creative.

I love reading.

Making a car garage.

I can balance.

We can work together to make a car tunnel.

We are making friends.

We love learning.

Using tools.

We have lots of friends.

Using our imaginations.

Working together.

Having fun with the water.

I love school!

We can take turns.

I can prepare my own snack.

Having fun in the Cafe.

Problem solving.

I am a pirate!!!

Hunting for treasure.

Ladies what lunch.

Dressing up.

Exploring different sounds.

Using tools.

Having fun in the water.