Kids Fit!

Headcorn School was very lucky to receive a visit from Kids Fit. We had lots of fun getting active. We enjoyed learning about how to keep our bodies healthy and what happens to our bodies during exercise.

Baking Penguin Biscuits

As part of our topic, Winter and Cold Climates, Leopard class have been learning all about the Polar Regions. We have been reading the story Henry’s Holiday. In the story Henry is not like the other penguins, he doesn’t like the cold. Henry decides to go on holiday to a tropical island. This is a wonderful book to teach young children all about different climates, penguins and about being different.

We made Penguin Biscuits and observed how the mixture changed from a sticky, gooey dough into a hard biscuit.

Baking Blue Penguin Biscuits

As part of our Winter and Cold Climates topic this term, Cheetah Class have been learning about the story ‘Blue Penguin’.  In this story, a Blue Penguin finds that he is different and doesn’t look like the other penguins and as a result of such differences, he is not liked or allowed to join the colony.  This is a wonderful book to teach young children all about diversity and being different from each other.

We have been doing lots of exciting experiments whilst learning all about penguins, such as finding out why and how penguins stay warm in the icy cold seas, how many feathers penguins have in 1cm squared on their body and of course, baking Blue Penguin biscuits!


Outdoor Addition


Children in Cheetah and Leopard Class have been working very hard this term learning how to add two different amounts together by counting the objects altogether.  We have been talking about how we can show our learning and our thinking, by using objects to demonstrate our addition skills!


Animal Talk

A huge thank you goes out to Mr Denness for giving up his entire morning to deliver a super talk about the different animals he and his family keep as pets.  The children were able to touch snakes, lizards and different beetles.  The whole experience was wonderful and the knowledge that Mr Denness has about each of the species is truly amazing!

Winners of the Picture Book Competition

After hours of deliberation, Miss Gelder and I have selected the winners of the Picture Book Competition. The winners will receive a book of their choice from the upcoming book fair. Thank you to everyone who entered, it has been a pleasure reading all of your books.

The winners are…

Year 1 – Renee S. (“Johnny and the T.Rex”)
Year 2 – Eva W. (“Poppy’s Perfect Pattern”)
Year 3 – Milo H.R. (“Spotty Cow”)
Year 4 – George B. and Holly P. (“The Monster” , “The Story of the Sea”)
Year 5 – Ella M. (“Rock Hard”)
Year 6 – Amy H. (“Maul Changes”)


We have all been working very hard to learn the letter sounds a, m, s, d, p, t, i, n, g and o and are beginning to be able to read and write words independently.  Just look at the super writing that we saw going on outside in our learning environment!